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An Alberta Breeder of Labrador 
Retrievers for over 20 years.
Thank  you Ann for taking this picture.
MAYA        ABBEY G.              GAINER           BRIGGS      ABBY K.            GRACE         HOBBS & ROWAN       GEORGE
  This whole crew is related  -- thru Tyler     -   and  exception, Gainer, who  has 
Beau back in his pedigree !!   So they all are related !!! 
( Reuben    X    Emma ).
  Feb. 21, 2010  -   August 7, 2018
The picture below of Raven and her dog family was taken the morning Raven left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

She  enjoyed a wonderful healthy and active summer-- full of lots of family fun:  hiking in mountains, swimming in the lake,  retrieving, and then she  quickly left us.  "She left surrounded by love.  Her time with us was, of course, too short.  But she left many happy memories.  She will never be forgotten"  by us,  
 her family (and her many fans and friends).  

David McFadyen, Karen King,   Sam, William,    Emma, and Watson.

Three  Generations of Beaumark

Daughter                                Mother                          Grand son
RAVEN,                                 EMMA,                            WATSON
We sadly said goodby to the sweet sweet RAVEN...