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We just  love our young boy.
Cargo is developing into a great looking dog   ....       Look what he has accomplished in his short life:

At just under One Year of age - he  won   BEST PUPPY IN SHOW   (NACA June 2019)      ....(a first for me !! ) 
and one month later at Westwind Sporting Dog Show - he took 2nd in BREEDER SWEEPS  (all sporting breeds competing),
and Best of Winners (Labs) - his first point.     
His Mom,  Kaydee  (BISS GCH. Beaumark's White Diamond, WC, CD, RN) took Best of Opposite  and Keira's daughter, Abbey ( GCH. Beaumark's Black Diamond Imprint,WC.),  took Select Bitch.     So it was a  great family win. 

Two months later  - his third show - at  Lloydminster, he took  5 more Best of Winners to become a  CHAMPION   at 15 months of age.  We had some pictures taken following that show .   He is maturing so fast.  I am so pleased to have these pictures.
Now a Champion - he competes  with other Champions.  His fourth show - January 2020 - Calgary Show at 19 month he took Breed twice, a Group  4th once, and Best of Opposite once - giving him 12 points towards his Grand Championship.  Picture below.
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Retrievers for over 20 years.

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Jazz who lived to be l6 years
 Her son, Hobbs, enjoying life at 12 yrs old.   He looks very much like his papa,  Tyler.  
Jan. / 2020
Winnie, who reached 12 years..
Two of her sons, Pharoah and Bodie.  Pharoah is gone but Bodie is ten yrs old.
   February is the heart month.     
    Our dogs of the past have contributed so much to us ...
    We are so proud of them. They are in our hearts always.

       her daughter, Lucy, 
           who is gone
Her son,
and her granddaughter, 
Here are just two of our past females ......
              AMBER  &  TYLER
​      Two of my original dogs 
Beau's daughter & his Gr.son.
TODAY - we said goodbye to our favorite Golden Retriever, Lexi., to cancer -- she almost l4 yrs old.
She was the darling of the Barry Demchuk household.  Shown here with her buddy Skylar.
We are all going to miss this girl.......
Cargo's 4th Dog Show and first showing as a Champion...  He got a
Group 4th
Calgary, Feb l, 2020
19 mos old.