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Dorothy and Darryl Havrelock      *  Edmonton, Alberta        *  780-469-5718      *

Dorothy and Darryl Havrelock      *  Edmonton, Alberta        *  780-469-5718      *

on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.  
She was just over 12 years old and
had dealt with cancer for almost a year.  
She had six years of sight and six years without sight.  She died in her own bed, in her own home, with her family around her.  
Tina quietly slipped away - She did it her way....

An amazing, courageous dog, who never let the loss of her sight stop her from doing what she enjoyed doing.   
Tina was steady and determined.  She was responsive and very intelligent.     Her trust in humans, and her knowledge of verbal commands, saw her thru many tough situations while blind.  

She walked the forest trails with her humans and with other dogs -  utlizing her sense of smell and hearing.. rarely losing a beat or step.  She had two litters and  we believe she picked up a virus while being bred in the USA, which subsequently  took away her sight.  She is grandmother to  most of our recent pups 
and she is the gr.grand daughter of Beau, 
Most of our breeding stock now comes from Tina's lineage.
She has become our current foundation female.

She was the first female labrador in Alberta to obtain a Grand Championship.  She placed well in all dog shows and all specialty shows.  She was shown when she was blind as a Veteran, and showed so well she won Female Veteran.  She had a great memory.  She loved to swim and retrieve and to be with her human and dog friends.  We will all miss her.  
Her special human friends were Heather  and Rodger Davidson, and Seth Grenier.  
Thank you Rodger & Heather for these pictures.
Tina's  Last  Swim 
Kaydee                   Zero                                 Tina
                      REMEMBERING  TINA --- thank you all so much.

...  Remember  and enjoy the love, loyalty & companionship you shared with her.   
       Rest in peace sweet Tina.   
       Tyler, Amber & Morton are waiting in the meadow at the Rainbow Bridge.  
       Bark loud and Run free.
                Heather Davidson 

... Our  condolences.  
     Loved that  special girl  --   
                Suzanne, Gord Thompson.

... She was such an amazing dog.    She took the  final decision making out of your hands.  
     We were very proud of her, and  loved her so much.
                Ken & Anne Nette.

...  That is the way to go.  Peaceful, content and knowing you are loved.  
      She had a full and great life,  and an enjoyable great walk on Saturday with Dad and me.

... She was such an amazing girl.   
     Dont worry - Lexi will take good care of her
                Emily & Barry

...  I was heart-broken to hear that Tina passed.  She was a special girl and she left you a legacy of her wonderful 
      progeny.       Sweet Tina --  run and play forever - with the Beaumark dogs there to greet you with wagging tails.
                Michele and Jason

​... She was the sweetest pup ever.  We were so lucky to have had a chance  to get to know her, to love her, and to      spend time with her. 
                Paul & Donna Lessard

... No words for Tina's departure.  I am so sorry for your loss of her.

... She and her sister, Maeko, were unexpected gifts.  We are so fortunate, we now have her grand daughter.