Dorothy and Darryl Havrelock      *  Edmonton, Alberta        *  780-469-5718      *

An Alberta Breeder of Labrador 
Retrievers for over 20 years.
Thank  you Ann for taking this picture.
MAYA        ABBEY G.              GAINER           BRIGGS      ABBY K.            GRACE         HOBBS & ROWAN       GEORGE
  This whole crew is related  -- thru Tyler     -   and  exception, Gainer, who  has 
Beau back in his pedigree !!   So they all are related !!! 
This litter is gr grand kids of Beau.
Thank you Heather for this picture 
of Zero's  large  litter.     Beautiful indeed.

Skye's puppies are all spoken for. 
Our next litter may be before Christmas.
If interested, send us an e-mail.

                       A Picture from the past:          AMBER  &  TYLER   -- two of my foundation dogs

(a Beau daughter ...who is Skye's gr.grandmother   and   a Beau grandson, .....who is Skye's grand father.
This is a FIRST for me.... Yahooo
Beau is 5 generations back on him.