GR. CH. Beaumarks Black In The Saddle, WC, JH, CD...'Tina'
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May 26, 2008 - June 30, 2020
Hips: OFA Good          Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Clear - Optigen Al (parentage)          EIC: Carrier
Height: 21"          Weight: 75 lbs
(pictured at just under 2 yrs of age)

TINA was my amazing girl out of Sasha and Amigo (Dickendal Davaron Amigo) (USA).    
She acquired all her titles quickly and easily.  Very attentive she loved to retrieve and to please.... 
She obtained her Grand Championship in July 20l3.  The first female lab in Alberta to do so.
She  has 4 points on her USA Title, having won Best of Opposite  and 
Best of Winners (1 dog away from a major). 
Tina won Award of Merit, & Gun Dog - LRCA Specialty - Calgary -  July 15/11 
Tina had her first litter in April 2012 - producing two puppies, 
Kiera and Kaydee (both are Grand Champions).
Her second litter consisted of 8 pups in Jan.20l4 and  her son, Taylor, obtained his Championship before neutering.  While the only other dog shown from this litter was Skye, who has her Gr. Championship + obedience and hunting titles.   Skye had a litter of 4 puppies
in June 2019.  
She won Best Veteran Female at June 2015 Specialty as well as Best Gun Dog and 
3nd in Brood Bitch and Progeny.  Tina contracted a virus while in California, which attacked her brain and it destroyed her Retina -- so she became blind but  she still enjoyed life  with no complaints!!  Totally trusting she continued doing everything 1!   An amazing little dog.

August 2019  We  were  SO DISAPPOINTED TO ANNOUNCE that Tina had a mass removed and it was found to be cancerous.  We were  devastated, but she kept being her happy self and while we knew her remaining time with us  was not going to be long -- we intended  to make it an enjoyable time for both her and us.    She wanted a shorter walk the night before.  She passed away  quietly - peacefully -- doing it her way.  In her sleep in her own bed.  No fuss.  
Home with her family.....    My precious, precious Tina is gone.
"If love alone could have kept you here.... you would have lived forever"

BOSS  GR.CH.  Beaumark's Black Diamond,  WC, JH, CDX , RE  .... 'Keira'

Born: April 12,, 2012
Hips: OFA Good      Elbows: OFA Normal    Eyes:   Normal    PRA:  Optigen A1  
EIC: Carrier          HNPK :  Clear
Coat: D - does not carry dilute;       SH:  does not carry long hair gene
Height: 22. "   Weight: 78 lbs
Champion at 14 months.              A Grand Champion at 2 yrs.
Keira is a Tina daughter - and littermate to Kaydee
Her owner, Christine Grenier, was a first time handler and  is now very confident in all aspects of handling. They won High in Class l(Obedience) at NACA.. and obtained WC (Retrieving) at LRCA Specialty in August 2016.                               
A magnificent strong female who is a fine example of the true Labrador Retriever Standard.       She is shown here - winning Best of Breed 
under Mike Lanctot - respected breeder judge.   (Oct./ 15)           
and below - obtaining Rally Advanced title  Keira loves to retrieve and is a very
intelligent and intuitive female.
 We bred Keira to a Trouble son - Mack - and got 7 beautiful puppies.
   We breed her again in Spring 2019 - got 5  georgeous puppies.
We  are extremely proud of this female with titles on either end of her name -- a true indication of the desired labrador instincts and temperament.


 BISS GR. CH. Beaumark's White Diamond,  WC, CD., RN ...   'Kaydee"

Born:  April 12, 2012
Hips:  OFA   EXCELLENT            Elbows:  OFA  Normal
Eyes:  Clear           PRA:  Clear Optigen Al         EIC clear
Height: 21.5"      Weight: 75 lbs

Picture:   August 20l4 -    2 yrs of age.  
Yes she is a yellow - just a lighter color- with dark pigment.
Kaydee lives with her mother, Tina, and us.  We like to
see titles at either end of the name.... YAAA  Kaydee...
We are VERY proud of you .
She won the prestigeous Indigenous Specialty  for Labs in June 2017.

Her mother is Tina, and her Sister is Keira, 
Sasha is Grandmother, with Amber and Tyler being the gr.grandparents.
Her father, Hail, now resides in eastern USA 

We  bred her in Spring 2018 and have her black son, Cargo.  
9 weeks after whelping - she achieved her 2nd leg of JH Title.
(one more pass to qualify for JH Title.)
                                                                                              *  Multi European CH Trendmaker's Tycoon
                                              *  CH. Dickendall's Davaron Amigo (USA)
                                                                          *  Dickendall Davaron Amuse 

 Gr.CH. Beaumark's Black In The Saddle  CD, WC, JH.

                                                                          * CH. Ravencliff's Beaumark Touch, CD, WCI, JH.
                                             * CH. Beaumark's Flying Diva, CD, WC, JH.
                                                                          * CH. Beaumark's Amber Rose, CDX, WCI, JH. 
Expertly shown in this picture by  Cassidy Proctor.
                                                         *Tullamores Toblerone 
                                           CH. Zindfindel Brigham    
                                                                    *Tabatha's Confection                                                               * CH. Blackthorn Hailstorm
                                                                        *Trinity's Titus
                                             * CH. Blackthorn Society Page.  
                                                                        * Devonshire Front Paige at SC

GCH.Beaumarks Black Diamond   WC,CDX, RE
​                                                                           *Trendmaker's Tycoon 
                                                  * Dickendall Davaron Amigo
                                                                        *Dickendall Davaron Amuse
                   *GCH. Beaumark Black In The Saddle CD. WC. JH
                                                                       *CH.Ravenclif's Beaumark Touch, CD,WCI ,JH.                                                       * CH. Beaumarks Flying Diva CD. WC. JH.
                                                                        *CH. Beaumark's Amber Rose, WCI, JH, CDX
                                                   CH.  Zindfindel Brigham    
                                  * Am. GrCH. Blackthorn Hailstorm. JH.
                                                            * CH.  Blackthorn Society Page.   

Gr. CH. Beaumark's White Diamond, CD.

                                                           * Dickendal Davaron Amigo
                                 * Gr.CH. Beaumark Black In The Saddle CD. WC. JH
                                                          * CH. Beaumarks Flying Diva CD. WC. JH.

(see full pedigree above (her sister, Keira)
G.CH. Beaumark's  Desert Skye,  CD,  WC, WCI,  JH...        "Skye"

Born - January 15, 2014  --        Height 21.5 "       Weight  70 lbs.
Hips/Elbows -   OFA Good & Normal    
Eyes - clear       EIC - clear      Optigen A (by parentage)

GCH.Beaumark's Black in the Saddle, WC, JH,CD.    x  
G.CH Dalwater Dream Weaver (USA) ​

Skye (daughter of Tina x Dutch)   is shown at 20 months of age. (left)   and at 28 months below -- achieving her Canadian Championship at NACA.   
Skye was a busy girl in 2016....  Turning lots of heads with her successes.  We are VERY proud of this amazing little gal.

She achieved her WC at l8 mos of age   -  with great style and gusto.- and  JH  at  2 & half yrs. 
She achieved her 2017 goals of:  CD (Obedience Title) and WCI Working (Intermediate)

An energetic compact female with outstanding marking ability  - she runs like a deer but loves to collapse & cuddle watching  TV with her people.    Retrieving is Skye's biggest passion - 
She is a sister to Taylor.  (Taylor Made)  Her mother  is Tina, her grandmother  was Sasha, Her gr.grandparents were Amber and Tyler.    (Sasha was owned by Ken and Anne)
All  of these dogs were heavily titled in all disciplines.
Her gr gr grandparents were our original pair:  Beau & Jette. (also titled in all disciplines.

Many Thanks to Ken for all his  dedicated work.  Your efforts are her love. 
As Ken has been so  busy judging retriever tests, he has not been able to run his own dog.  
So we have decided to utilize some of this year and see if we could put a GH title on her.
Skye won Best of Breed (Camrose), Best of Opposite (NACA) - so
she is on her way to acquiring her grand championship title  
Flash ----  SHE  DID IT .... Grand Championship at Camrose October 26/18.
Two days   earlier  she was out Pheasant Hunting !!!
Winning Best of Opposite  (12 females competing  .......  

We bred Skye in 2019  to  an American dog:  Anai's Kinkade  
- her beautiful four puppies went to their new homes in August 2019

BEAUMARK'S   BLACK   ECLIPSE ,  WC,  WCI,  JH.        ... "Maya"
                                                  BISS Am.CH.Julsby Hey Good Lookin'
                                                   Am.CH. Gateway's White Dove.
                                                     Am.CH. Blackthorn's Here for the Party
                   CH. GRAEGILL'S PAJAMA PARTY
                                                    CH. Makaila's Callie Brekke, WC, JH. 

                                                    Am.G.CH. Zinfndel Brigham
                   Am.GCH., Can CH.BLACKTHORN HAILSTORM, WC
                                                    Am.CH.Blackthorn's Society Page
                                                    Dickendall Davaron Amigo
                                                   CH.Beaumark's Flying Diva,  WCI, JH, CD.
Maya's and Abbey's Pedigree ...
CH.  LABRAHARAVEST   BEAUMARK 'S   MS. M          ... "Milly" -
Born Feb 21, 2016
Wt 75#      Eyes Clear
Hips- OFA Fair     & Elbows - OFA Normal
EIC - Clear      OPTIGEN - Clear

Labraharvest Ship of Dreams   (Kohv) x CH.Ravencliff's Beaumark Touch,   WCI,CD, JH.   (Tyler)
Breeder:  Anne Switzer, Labraharvest Labradors, Medicine Hat.

Sklar  is owned by Barry & Emily Demchuk -
A daughter of our beloved Tyler (via frozen semen).
She is a muscled - full of bold attitude - very fit -  beautiful dog. 
Like her dad - she loves to retrieve and has outstanding marking skills. 
Like her Mom - she has a beautiful loving / cuddling attitude and wants to please. 
Lexi - her house sister - is showing her all the "tricks"...
Barry and Emily  -  have  done a wonderful job of training her for field.
 Her training has become   =  a  Family affair
She obtained her CHAMPIONSHIP in October 2017 And in August 2018 she got first leg on her Junior Hunt title with Emily.    ​She spends her winters in Arizona !!!! Lucky girl.

We hope to breed Skylar.    We want to keep her retrieving & marking ability  as well as her good looks and structure.  Her mate has not yet been chosen.

A Heidi x Taylor puppy  ....
(CH.Labraharavest Dancin OnA Cloud   x    
  CH. Beaumark's Taylor Made)

born July 4, 2016   Ht.  21"     Wt. 70#
Hips :  OFA Good     Elbows:  OFA Normal
Eyes - Clear    and Optigen - Clear
EIC - Clear   

Born in Grande Prairie.  She was bred by Anne Switzer and Judi Harker  of Labraharvest Labradors.
 She is a Tina Grand daughter. She is the same height as Tina (on the shorter side) and a light color .
​Not a big female.   She excelled in her Obedience Class, and did well in her Retriever training.  A very happy and  intelligent dog with a good working attitude. She is a dog who will forever be young.  Very
impish -- she loves to raise a little trouble !!  A puppy forever. She has swam in the ocean, romped the canyons of California, the trails of Oregon, and the lakes of BC.  What a Great Life !!! And she is very loved.  by Gordon and Suzanne Thompson of Edmonton. 
Her roommate is a  Tyler daughter.  and they live the good life.  Her and Suzanne frequent
the Jackie Parker Off Leash every morning.  Suzanne says Milly knows all the dogs and greats each 
one of them when they arrive.
Her family picture was taken just before Christmas.  The other pictures are at 2 years of age. 
The  CH picture - September 2018- just over 2 years of age.  Milly's first dog show as an adult
and she won Best of Breed - 6 out of 8 shows -- and ended her CH with a GROUP 4th.

She is a very happy dog and definitely lets you know she is the life of the Thompson family.
We bred Milly  to Cargo - and have 3 lovely pups.
As we usually only breed a female one time -- Milly will now be spayed.
  Skye, Ken & Tim hunting October 17/17
Now Skye is understanding what Ken has
been training her for.     She and Ken are going to be a great hunting team.....                                           Yaaaaaa.

Ken says this doing what a Lab loves to do.    What a way to enjoy a brisk fall morning ....!  She amazed Ken with her tenacity to seek and fetch a very alive
wounded bird on her second hunting day.

LABRAHARVEST BEAUMARK'S CLOUD         ... "Sadie  " -  
Born May 20, 2017 -- Bred by Labraharvest Labradors
  Ch. Beaumark's Taylor Made  x  Labraharvest Ship of Dreams.
OFA  hIps:  Good,    Elbows Normal
Sadie is owned by Richard Ireland of Spruce Grove
A beautiful light colored female.. She started  her show career in Camrose - October/18 Winning 2nd in her Juvenile Class.  She showed well.  
Sadie was bred to Mister and we got beautiful light yellow pups.
As we only breed our females one time - Sadie will not be spayed.

Shown here at 8 weeks with her sister, Rayna, and brother, Ryder.
Born  April 9, 2017
Weight 75#   Ht  21.5"
OFA HIPS & ELBOWS:  Good and Normal
Eyes :  PRA Clear - Opt A1
Non-carrier:  diilute, HNPK, EIC, 

Another  Keira x Mack daughter -- she is owned by 
Michele Gulenchin of Manitoba.
This team has been very successful... 
and Michele has started her own kennel.  
Maya is  her  foundation bitch.  
She is breeding Maya in May 2021 - Puppies will be raised in Manaitoba.   For a referal, please send email to Beaumark. 
Michele's main focus with this female is to showcase her
hunting and working abilities.  They are an outstanding.
and  beautiful  team.
Talented / Ambitious  /  Energetic pair.

Keep it going Michele .....
Best of Breed, 
Group 4th - 8 dogs competing.
Such a pretty dog -- she started her own FAN Club at the Lloyd show.  A VERY pretty girl.
. Milly's   Pedigree    
                                                                                       CH. Dickendall Arnold 
                                                                    CH.Dickendall Davaron Gable
                                                                                          Wolvercote Gaiety Girl
                                    Int'lCH Windswepthill Eye of the Storm
                                                                                           CH Ridge View Bugs Bunny                                   
                                                                      CH. Ridge View Windswept Snofall
                                                                                            RidgeView Tres Jolie
                                                                                            CH,Ridge View's Driver
                                                                       BIS CH. Windswepthill Double Double
                                                                                             Belquest It Was Worth It
                                    Labraharvest Musicbox Dancer
                                                                                              Norwoodacres Tropical Storm
                                                                        CH. Labraharvest Sambuka Rosa
                                                                                              Enjoielabs Emilee of New Moon

                                                                                            CH. Windfall's Pipe Major
                                                                         BISS CH.Sureshot Hyspire Impressive, WC
                                                                                               CH. Janrod Tammy Whynot                 
                                    BISS, GR.CH.(USA) Dalwater Dream Weaver
                                                                                                BISS CH. Sounder's Hear Me Roar (US National Winner)
                                                                          Dalwater's Bella Sera
                                                                                                Sweetwaters Luna Fiona


                                                                                                MultiEuropean CH. Trendmaker's Tycoon (swedish Import)
                                                                         Dickendall's Davaron Amigo (USA)
                                                                                                Dickendall Davaron Amuse
​                                     G.CH. Beaumark's Black In The Saddle, CD, WC, JH
                                                                                                CH. Ravencliff's Beaumark Touch, CD, WCI, JH.(pointed USA)
                                                                         CH. Beaumark's Flying Diva, CD, WC, JH
                                                                                                  CH. Beaumark's Amber Rose, CDX, WCI, JH.

Sadie's  First  Dog Show, 
October 26/18 @ 17 mos.

Skylar  2.5 yrs old
Thank you Jolene for taking these pictures
​Summer of 2019 -- 
Living a Dogs Good Life 
with family in the mountains.  
She is  comfortable in and on top 
of the water -- 
she enjoys riding the Kayak with her 
best hiking buddy.

G.CH.  BEAUMARK  BLACK DIAMOND IMPRINT, WC        ... "Abbey " -  
​                                                 Born April 9, 2017    (Keira x Mack)
 Abbey  obtained  her Championship easily, handled by Christine,  and obtained her Grand Championship before she was two and half years old.  

An intelligent and  beautiful - athletic female, she earned her WC on first try at the Nationals in BC in 2019,  as well as obtaining a Group Third at the  sponsoring All Breed Conformation Show in Vernon.   With limited showing - but considerable success - She is now Ranked #19 Labrador in Canada.  

She is owned by Christine Grenier and lives with friends, Bruce and Susan Miller.    A delightful dog to be with, she enjoyed the summer at the lake getting in lots of swimming and retrieving.    She is getting ready to enter the Obedience ring soon !!.
To see her pedigree -     Look to her sisters page below   - Her Sister:   Maya.
We  hope to breed Abbey in Spring 2021 - All black litter.
A co-breeding with Christine.  The chosen Sire is TYLER   !!!

  Pictures taken @ Trochu Show - August 2019
The Canadian National Lab Show in Vernon    --- Passing WC  (first try)
and winning Best of Breed and Third in Group at Hosting All Breed Vernon Show.

These were  big wins for this young female ---- Congratulations Christine & Abbey

 November 2019 -- 
2 1/2  years old.
CH. Labraharvest's   Beaumark   Spirit , Am JH. .....      "Skylar"

                                                                        AM/CAN CH. GOVERNOR WOODY'S BEST, CD (USA)
                                            CH. EUCLID'S BEAUMARK, CDX, WC
                                                                        INGLENEUK'S COTTON JENNY                                                                        
                        BISS CH. WILLOWROSE GIMME A BREAK
                                                                            CH. BEECHCROFTS BEAUTAWN T TANGO WC (USA)
​                                               WILLOWROSE EDGE OF A DREAM 
                                                                               CH. BRETON GATE WILLOWROSE MAGIC, CD, WC (USA)


                                                                           CH. BALNOVA MAELSTROM (AU)
                                             CH. DRIFTWAY CORROBOREE, CDX (AU)
                                                                            CH. DRIFTWAY STEPHANIE (AU)                                
                        CH. RAVENCLIFF'S DATE WITH DESTINY, CD   
                                                                        CH. WIMBERWAY'S SKY PILOT, WC      
                                             CH. BERNFIELD'S KOKANEE SPRINGS, CD.
                                                                        CH. BLAIRLYN'S SBLACK HOPE

​                                                                           DOVETAILS WALK NOT RUN 
                                                TWINPOND'S ARCTIC STORM
                                                                            TWINPOND'S FIST FROST
                        CH. TWINPOND'S AND COWBOY UP'S JACK FROST (USA)
                                                                            GLACIERIDGE IRISH COUNTRY
                                                TWINPOND'S LEAF OF LORIEN
                                                                            TWINPONDS MONA LISA


​                                                                               RIDGE VIEW'S DRIVER 
                                                BIS CH. WINDSWEPTHILL DOUBLE DOUBLE (USA)
                                                                                BELQUEST IT WAS WORTH IT
​                          LABRAHARVEST MUSIC BOX DANCER 
                                                                                NORWOODACRES TROPICAL STOSRM (USA)
                                                CH. LABRAHARVEST SAMBUKA ROSA
                                                                                   ENJOIELABS EILEE OF NEW MOON

 Skylar's Pedigree   ...

Feb 2019 -- Skylar and Emily :  In  Nevada earning first two legs of American Junior Hunt. In Feb. 2020 they obtained second and third leg to achieve an
Amerian Junior Hunt Title.   Yaaa  girls
We have young females who because of Pandemic - have been unable to compete in Show Ring.  
We hope to post their pictures and achievements soon.