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Maya   X   Hunter  (Beaumark's Black Eclipse, WC, WCI, JH   x   G.CH.Oaksill Hunter Moon)
This is our joint venture with  Knightly Labradors of Winnipeg, Manitoba area. 
Maya is the grand daughter of our Tina, and the daughter of Keira x Mack.  This litter is all spoken for.
Sadie x Mister
6 puppies born April l4th 
(Labraharvest Beaumark's Cloud  x  GCH.Oaksill Heza Keeper) 
(Mister is the son of Hunter (CH. Oaksill Hunter's Moon)

Thank you to Anne Switzer Torrie  and to Rick Ireland . 
for  all your assistance in making this breeding happen.. 
And thank you to Anne Nette for assisting when we needed it.. 
And a HUGE thank you to Christine Grenier
for co-whelping and for raising this litter..  
Sadie had 9 puppies, but unfortunately 
we lost 3 of them.  Six puppies is a
  nice manageable litter for a new Mom .

We know Sadie and her crew are in the best of hands.

THANK YOU AGAIN, Christine  - you are invaluable.

This litter is spoken for and  will be going to 
their new homes in two weeks. 

Litter #2
Miste  and Sadie    at the time of breeding..

3 BOYS   
Black boy.
White  Boy.
Purple  GIRL
Blue  Boy
Green Boy 

  4 week old pictures
 I am not happy with  the reproduction of   these pictures because they got a bit distorted in the transferring

Maya's puppies have now gone to their forever homes.
We will miss seeing them on our Nursery Page.  They all have 
wonderful homes.  And we look forward to watching their development.


 Yellow  Boy
 7 weeks old and loving it outside
We will not be breeding for a while.  Our next female to be bred will be MILLY -- and we are waiting for her to come into heat. 

 SO AT THE MOMENT WE DO NOT HAVE                              PUPPIES AVAILABLE.