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Both Keira and Skye  excelled in the conformation ring  (both have Gr. Championship titles)  
and  in the  field  (retrieving/hunting).

Very few labradors in Alberta   have  titles in All 3 disciplines .   
These  females are proven   performance dogs
with  proven  intelligence, soundness ,  and proper structure.
We are extremely proud of the dogs and their owners.

 Cargo 3 mos
  (Kaydee   x                                Xavier)

Kaydee is Keira's sister .  This is Kaydee's only pup.
At almost l year old, he won BEST PUPPY IN SHOW,  June 3/19

   SKYE'S  PUPPIES    were BORN  June 4th, 2019    12:30 pm
4 BABIES :    2 females (a black & a yellow)  & 2  yellow males

--All these pups are now spoken for -- 
Thank you so much to our new owners -- we are very proud that you are part of
 our  Beaumark tradition.  You are special people to us and we look forward to working 
with you as the pups mature.
This is a very special breeding - representing 5 generations of Beaumark--  
and we are delighted that through you - we can keep this line going.

An elegant &  proud
            Keira ....  

     ​Hips Good,.. Elbows Normal,.. Eyes Clear,..                                                                        Hips Excellent,..  Elbows Normal .... Eyes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Clear... 
            PRA  clear   ......    EIC  Clear                                                                                                               EIC  Clear ......Heart Clear.
                                                                                                                                                                Thank You Anna for letting us use Kade...

           SKYE                                                                                                                                            KADE
Keira's puppies have now all gone to their new homes.
  So sad -- but so glad they each  are 
   becoming part of a loving family.
4 weeks   BIRTHDAY  :             
 YELLOW BOYS                
 Georgeous strong  pups !!!
just born
Pups are now 4 weeks old and are absolutely outstanding.  Skye is being a very attentive Mom with lots of milk.  Pups have started on kibble.   They are very boxie in shape with outstanding heads, tails and wonderful thick coats.    chunky pups.       Yaaaaa..         
Thank you Kade - --       you were the  perfect selection for Skye.