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​A few photos from the past .....
​And some current ones  .....
Skylar's brother, George 
(he sure looks like his Papa,   Tyler)
MAYA -- on holidays -- enjoying a mountain stream,        Aug. 2018  - 16 mos
Tyler - Zero -       Morton - Tina
      MORTON  and his  DAD,   TYLER.
BINDI  - Therapy  Dog 
going to work .....
GEORGE, was bred by Anne Switzer Torrie.  The resemblance to his father, our Tyler,  is so strong .... I just had to post his picture.     George got his CH in May 2018.    His sister, Skylar, got her CH in October 2017.       Yaaaa to both of you.
                          Your Daddy would be proud of you both.
      George looks so much like our beloved Tyler --- it brings tears to my eyes.
Milly - bred by Anne Switzer Torrie -     Heidi x our Taylor (Sire)